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SpongeBob Pizza Delivery:

How to play:
Use your keyboard to control Spongebob. Use the left and right arrow keys to move left and right. Use the up arrow key to jump. Use the down arrow key to brake. Press spacebar to throw a pizza upward and CTRL + spacebar to throw a pizza left.

Anybody who's ever been to The Krusty Krab knows the residents of Bikini Bottom are a hugnry bunch. These days they're hungry for PIZZA and SpongeBob is just the sponge to deliver it!

Hints: Time your toss right! Throwing too early or too late will mean a splattered pizza, an unhappy customer, and a VERY unhappy Mr. Krabs! Plus you'll lose points. Avoid obstacles! All manner of strange sea creatures and underwater obstacles inhabit Bikini Bottom. Avoid them like the plank, matey! Grab power ups! SpongeBob's hat makes him super-fast and temporaryily invicible, the clock gives you extra time and a bundle of pizza equals five extra pies to throw! Good luck!

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